Ruh Khus by Attar Darbar is an attar refined from wild vetiver, the underlying foundations of a fragrant grass that brings a cooling and lovely serenity during exceptionally warm and muggy climate. As often as possible woven into screens, or covered into mats that are showered with cool water during moist blistering climate, the water dissipates in the warmth and the aroma is delivered, granting a hearty, cool tranquility. It’s an extremely novel and dependable attar, Strong in start in the wake of applying, transforms into calming after at some point. Mixes Well With: Ylang-ylang essential oil, sandalwood oil, clary sage oil, patchouli.

Main Accords:-

Woody, Aromatic, Green,  Citrus, Powdery, White Floral, Rose, Earthy, Iris, Floral

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